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 Welcome to the Alaska 1 Disaster Medical Assistance Team (AK1 DMAT)

By accessing this page, you have shown a significant interest in becoming a member of our team.  Thank you.

The majority of the application process is now handled primarily by Health and Human Services in Washington DC, but the outcome is the same...becoming an AK1 DMAT team member.

"All vacancies for positions on AK1 DMAT are now posted the fourth Monday of each month, and run for two weeks. You can locate these vacancies on the phe.gov website, under NDMS Employment Opportunities, West Region.


-Application Checklist- " The initial application for the posted vacancies must contain a cover letter, current resume, educational documents, and any current licenses and certifications.
It then goes through different stages including  credentialing (for medical), an interview, qualification process, fingerprinting, and security paperwork.  The only requirement is the completion of the four ICS/IS courses, and the links are provided below."

Current information on AK1 DMAT vacancies can also be found on our facebook page each month.  If you are seeking a specific position or have any questions please contact the team at ak1dmat@yahoo.com."

ICS Requiirements, Click Here

Position Descriptions, Click Here