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Position Descriptions

The Position Descriptions listed here are not current and are for referance only.  These are not official Job Descriptions.

Administrative Specialist                                 GS-341-07

Administrative Officer                                     GS-341-11

Administrative Officer                                     GS-341-12

Deputy Unit Commander (Non-Medical)        GS-0301-14

Diagnostic Radiologic Technician                  GS-0647-05

Dietitian                                                           GS-0630-09

Emergency Planning Analyst                          GS-0301-13

Environmental Health Technician                   GS-0698-07

Equipment Specialist! Maintenance Worker  WG-4749-06

Hazardous Materials Technician                    GS-0698-07

Hazardous Materials Specialist                      GS-0301-09

Health Technician (Basic)                              GS-0640-05

Health Technician (I)                                       GS-0640-06

Health Technician (Paramedic)                      GS-0640-07

Health Technician Officer                               GS-0640-09

Logistics Coordinator                                      GS-0303-07

Medical Officer                                                GS-0602-11

Medical Officer                                                GS-0602-12

Medical Officer                                                GS-0602-13

Medical Officer                                                GS-0602-14

Medical Records Technician                          GS-0675-05

Medical Supply Specialist                               GS-2001-09

Medical Technician                                         GS-0645-07

Medical Technician/Laboratory Unit Leader   GS-0645-08

Mental Health Specialist                                  GS-0101-11

Supervisory Mental Health

Specialist/Psychologist (General)               GS-0180-13

Supervisory Mental Health Specialist             GS-0101-14

Nurse                                                              GS-0610-05

Nurse                                                              GS-0610-07

Nurse                                                              GS-0610-09

Supervisory Clinical Nurse                             GS-0610-11

Nurse Practitioner                                           GS-0610-11

Supervisory Nurse Specialist                         GS-0610-13

Pharmacy Technician                                     GS-0661-05

Pharmacy Assistant                                       GS-0661-07

Pharmacist                                                     GS-0660-11

Pharmacist (Clinical Pharmacy Unit Leader) GS-0660-12

Physician Assistant                                        GS-0603-11

Respiratory Therapist/Technician                  GS-0651-07

Respiratory Therapist                                     GS-0651-08

Safety Officer                                                  GS-0301-12

Security Specialist                                          GS-0080-12

Supply Management Officer                           GS-2003-11

Supply Management Officer                           GS-2003-12

Supply Management Officer/

Logistics Section Chief                                GS-2003-13

Telecommunications Specialist                     GS-0391-07

Telecommunications Specialist                     GS-0391-09

Telecommunications Specialist                     GS-0391-12